Data Services

As leaders in the supply, capture and management of data, we offer a comprehensive range of data services for you to choose from...

Data Supply

  • For your marketing campaigns we can supply highly targeted data, names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses, all at cost effective rates!

Data Cleanse

  • Around 11% of individuals move home an over 30% of business move every year... let us tell you who they are!
  • Provide us with us your database and we will cleanse it for you... we can:
    • de-duplicate it to ensure you aren't mailing the same person twice
    • check for change of addresses and deceased suppressions
    • Highlight those contacts who have joined the Mail Preference Service (MPS), Telephone Preference Service (TPS) or Fax Preference Service(FPS) these are the people who have selected not to receive unsolicited contact

Data Capture

  • We can provide an accurate data-capture service, offering any kind of input you require, from complex Customer Satisfaction Surveys to simple customer contact information.

Contact us today for a quotation.. you might be pleasantly surprised!

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